Creating a Community

Bridgehead Software

Woburn, Massachusetts

As the Vice President of Global Technical Support at BridgeHead Software, Kenneth Wilson needed to get some of his top clients entering and viewing their support cases in BridgeHead had been a long-time portal customer, but when Kenneth’s research showed that portals were discontinued, he was unsure of what his next steps were.

“I knew we needed to go to the Community model, but needed to engage with someone who had the expertise using that specific discipline.”

Granite Point Consulting came in and worked with Kenneth to determine exactly what the entry and visibility needs were for the external users. It was determined that the entire sharing model had to be updated, and rigorous testing was done to make sure that the user experience for BridgeHead’s customers was optimized.

After a successful first roll-out, BridgeHead has since added a second community for a call center. This added Salesforce community includes more partners and customers working with cases.

“Working with Granite Point Consulting was awesome. Although robust, the Salesforce community set-up is not always straight-forward, but together we made it work for BridgeHead.”