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Cleaning up the mess


Boston, Massachusetts

When Matt Tuel of logentries.com took over the management of Salesforce.com, he inherited a complete mess.

The previous administrators had worked with an outside consulting company to develop the lead process in Salesforce.com, as well as the integration with our customer usage database. The solution was almost entirely done in Apex code, and it was buggy. There were constant errors and it was very difficult to trouble-shoot the problems. There was no way enhancements could be made with the system in its current state.

“We were almost ready to scrap Salesforce.com and start over with something else,” Matt remarked.

In a last-ditch effort, Granite Point Consulting was hired to try and make sense of what had been done. The first step was to stop the bleeding and in the first few weeks, code was analyzed and rewritten, or in some cases scrapped altogether.

“Within a short period of time, Doug and his team were able to get us in a much better place. They got us over the hurdle and we could then focus on the other improvements we needed to make,” Matt said.

As a subscription-based SaaS company, Salesforce needed to be set up so that LogEntries could easily report on their MRR (monthly revenue recognition), upgrades, downgrades and customer churn rate. Opportunities needed to be created and updated based on customer data fed into Salesforce.com from outside systems.

Using a combination of Process Builders and Flows, within a few months this automation was built and incorporated into the daily processes of the BDR and Sales teams.

“We had a lot of moving parts and a very complex set-up,” Matt said. “Granite Point Consulting cut through it all like a hot knife through butter. They made a huge impact on the business.”