There has to be a better way


Chelmsford, Massachusetts

As a customer since 2007, Qvidian had a long history with the platform. Administrators and managers had come and gone, and some of the configuration work was incomplete or obsolete. For controller Chris Monterio, he knew there had to be a better way.

“When I started at Qvidian, we were doing all of our renewal calculations outside of Salesforce. We just couldn’t get what we needed out of the reports. There was a ton of work being done in Excel taking too much time. I knew with some effort we could make big improvements.”

Having already worked with Qvidian on a variety of projects, Chris worked with Granite Point Consulting to determine how to reconfigure the renewal process in They needed to factor in different product groups, varying contract agreements, multiple currencies and a direct/reseller sales structure.

“We changed the wheels on the bus while it was going 80 miles per hour. That was a challenge,” Chris reflected.

After sorting through the extraneous record types, dead workflows, removing long-dormant apps and unneeded code, Qvidian and Granite Point Consulting were able to make the renewal process much simpler. In the new environment, Qvidian went from a few hundred license products to around 30, which users across the company appreciated.

And they stopped doing so much work in Excel.

“One of the strengths of is the reporting engine,” Chris said. “But if your system is not set-up properly, you won’t be able to take advantage of it. Granite Point Consulting helped us get on track we had significant efficiency gains.”