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Sometimes things are right in front of out face, but we fail to see them. When we finally do see the light, we always ask ourselves, "How did I miss that?" The Subscribe button in reports is one function that I am always pointing out to clients to the inevitable reply, "I didn't [...]

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Say No to Leads? Sometimes it Makes Sense

One question that has come up over and over in our implementations is “What is a lead?” On the surface the answer is simple, but how any given company uses leads can be tricky. The conversations can last for hours, with heated debates on when to use leads and when to convert them [...]

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Financial Force and Data Storage

When I first embarked on my Salesforce journey, I was a COO tasked with choosing the best system for my company. After a lot of investigation, led the pack. The one thing that kept creeping up in my research was the question of storage. I asked my rep about it, and she assured [...]

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